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Underground double wall tank

Underground double wall tank (steel/GFRP) with horizontal cylindrical shape. Measures and thickness as stated in the table below. Primary tank manufactured with the measures and thickness as specified in the table below. Primary tank made of carbon steel ferrules, with Off Setter assembly and external welding using SAW process.

Secondary tank made of GFRP with interstitial leakage space between tanks to detect leaks from the primary tank. The tank comes with: torispherical rimmed heads, a standard dome or 1200 mm to support the anti-leakage container (sump riser), 2” and 4” NPT/BSP threaded connections for loading, suctioning, recovering gas, remote measuring, detecting leakages and manual measuring; internal tubes for charging connections and manual measuring; lifting eye bolts; an identification badge, and temporary plugs for transport. The exterior of the tank has been coated with metallic sandblasting. Separating material and glass-fiber reinforced plastic was applied. Hydraulic water tightness test at 2 kg/cm2 for two hours and interstitial vacuum until on-site installation. The tank complies with the requirements established by Argentina’s Secretariat of Energy National Decree No. 2407, UL-58 and UL-1746 (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) regulations. Manufactured pursuant to ISO 9001/2015 standard. Tanks with 5,000 to 150,000 liters capacity.