Creative solutions with international quality

In Bertotto Boglione S.A. we cater for storage needs at an international level since 1948. We manufacture in Argentina; we reach the world.

We are committed to the productive development of our country and so, we work passionately and devotedly at international levels. Since we registered as an exporting company in 1950, we have striven to be present in the most competitive markets around the world, benefiting from the modern logistic solutions of the present and the development of communications, which allow us to widen our horizons and reach every corner of the world. We specialize in the manufacture of tanks to store state-of-the-art oil, leading exports and ensuring an environmental commitment together with our customers. As we are pioneers in South American production, we also offer portable fuel stations for export. At present, we manufacture around 2,000 tanks each year, both in steel and polyethylene with various capacities.

We are committed to growth

Our daily goal is to think about Argentina from an evolutional standpoint. With state-of-the-art technology and innovation, we aim at providing our customers with the solutions and trust they need to work calmly and with focus. In many opportunities, we have worked together since the beginning of their projects, so that solutions turn into growth variables. We think of our customers as our partners and we always seek evolution as our goal.

We are members of the Petroleum Equipment Institute and the Association of Rotational Molders. We participate in bidding processes at local and international levels, catering for transnational companies commercializing oil and related to chemical, food and other industries. Our teams offer technical, installation, advisory and repair assistance services for all the parts we manufacture and commercialize. In this way, our post-sale service completes our high-quality customer services rendered.

We also have a strong commitment to the Agro-Industry, to which we mostly supply tanks for fertilizers, water and any kind of liquids and solids. We take pride in our Mining Division, which reinforces the development of areas of our country standing as great opportunities in the future. With this Division, and besides offering all kinds of products, we join projects while they are still taking shape to offer solutions even before issues may arise. In the same way, the Oil & Gas Division works at the sites in the Provinces of Santa Cruz, Neuquén and Mendoza, becoming fully integrated with the stages of this industry.

The most demanding companies in each industry trust Bertotto Boglione.

Our values

Honesty: We are consistent and sincere in our statements. We say what we think and we do what we say, always based on truth and justice. This brings clarity and sets an example for others.

Humility: We are constantly open to learning in the most humbling way, with the only objective of endless improvement.

Commitment: A positive and responsible attitude is a key to attaining our objectives, goals and aims as a company and as a team, to which each member brings their utmost abilities and feels a strong sense of belonging.

Responsibility: We strive to become the best version of ourselves within our company and towards society. This is our great responsibility and we take it with the consequences of our decisions, always holding ourselves accountable.

Integrity: When our attitude is consistent with our stated values, when ideals coincide with reality, that is when we obtain integrity.